Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bus Ride

Yesterday I'm on the bus unfortunately. It was going to work again. It was the day time, but at least it was Saturday. Saturday you get some of the evening customers rolling in. The bus was semi-crowded. Semi-crowded is basically not packed, but most of the seats are taken. I was able to find one of those side seats on the back and it was really comfortable. That was wear I read my book. I enjoy reading on the bus, but I don't enjoy those sad faces or miserable faces I see. Maybe mine is one of those? There was a poem by Ezra Pound:

The apparition of the faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.

Something like that, might have messed that up real bad and if I did, sorry Mr. Pound. I think that poem was called Station in the Metro. I did it in school years ago...god, like more than 10 years ago that's for sure. 1992 maybe.

This one lady who wasn't sitting too near me. She was in one of those regular facing seats, still near the back and she was frowning and teenagers to her left play fighting. One guy dropped his keys while he was lightly slapped in the back as the slapping teen flew to another seat closer to the back door. The teen who was slapped put his iPod back together (rich spoiled motherfuckers if you ask me, which makes me sound like an old person). I saw his keys, and so did the lady. The lady told him about the keys. He picked it up, then moved to where his friend was. The bus stopped at the bus station and people got off. The bus got less congested but I had to move to one of the facing seats, which was worse for me because I ended up sitting behind the frowning lady and that felt so congested. I was able to read, but it was better in the seat I was previously in. Maybe that's what I get for being greedy? Should've stuck to the side seat. Sure it's weird, but at least it made me feel better.

We're riding along and some lady in a dress, lady with a bad figure, but she was probably old as well, so that's to be expected. Anyway, she was hoeing her lawn or something. That was a sad sight for me. It meant summer was coming. Then I see a couple of guys fixing a fence.

The mall was even worse. Mother's Day capitalism? Consumerism! That's the word I'm looking for. Everywhere stores are telling you what to buy for Mother's Day. And this isn't the regular flowers or jewelry stuff, this is weird shit. Like Aprons which say "Kiss Your Mother" or stuffed animals which aren't bad, but some have writing on it and it's not the traditional "I love Mom". It's something else and I didn't bother looking at it. It was...shameful. What has the world become when people actually buy this shit? They buy it, the mother gets it, happy for a day, then tosses it.

Christmas I can sort of understand, but Mother's Day? Whatever happened to just getting a card for your mother, or flowers or candy...or a mug which says I love Mom, or even taking your mother out for dinner? I mean are you so strapped for time that you have to buy one of these lame gifts?? I think you are. Nowadays people don't have a brain, the stores tell you what they know you should buy. Not think you should buy. Don't be so complacent, these guys are brainwashers. There's a science to this stuff, they do studies. Don't blame the little sales clerk in The Bay who thinks he or she is hot shit just because he or she is working in a respectably known sales outlet. It's the head head people. These sales clerks are just what Bukowski refers to as "wage-slaves". 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Though nowadays people almost work 7 days.

Other than that, the ride home was decent and then once I got home I got to really get cracking on writing my script (for Script Frenzy).

And now, I'm back to today where I have to get ready for work. Today is Sunday. As far as my uncle goes, I hadn't really thought about him. I guess that's good, means things are getting better.

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