Wednesday, August 18, 2010

They Call Her The Bitch

Imagine you're in high school. You're walking down the hall and these girls are in a group huddled with their school books that they don't read. They're wearing low cut skirts because it's winter and they laugh at you walking in with your parka, blue jeans and bulky blue sweater. And for god sakes, what the fuck is that on your head!!! And your ears too?? They're like freakin' 80's headphones!

These girls snicker and laugh and talk amongst themselves and are late for class and sit in the back because nobody sits in the front, except you. They throw the best parties. You don't know that for a fact, but you hear of it. The reason you don't know is you're never invited. They make it a point not to invite you. To invite you, wouldn't just get them ridiculed, it just, ewww, no, why would they invite you. That thing on your head!

It's not the girls that bother you because there are maybe 5 in total, but 4 of them just ignore you and don't really do anything unless they're in a group. It's in the one that does it. The one that instigates everything, the leader of the pack. And if you didn't think women could be wolves then you're living in the 1920's or something because they can be wolves and they'll eat you all up, tooth and nail! This leader, the one who taunts you all the time and gets her friends to join in, the one the teachers choose to ignore because she seems decent enough (despite her grades) you call the bitch. It's not only you that call her that. A few of you others do. Because she doesn't just pick on you, that wouldn't be fair. In her mind, she believes in equality. In her mind, there are plenty of losers in the school to pick on. Why are they losers? Well. They're just not like her.

So you leave high school, leave all that shit behind and go to College and get a life, and who gives a fuck about her that now she lives in a trailer park taking care of two or three kids, she's lost count, while her husband has sex with her sister? Life is good for you.

Well, there's only one problem: The bitch exists. Not just in high school. You'd think they'd only be in high school, but sadly they're adults too. My aunt is one.

For years, her place was THE place to go to. Our family would gather there on Christmas or holidays and she had a pretty big family and we'd play with the kids and eat the food that she cooked herself because she was a good cook and always put out a good spread. It was important to put out a good spread and everyone knew she put out a good spread because she always made sure to invite the popular people as well. I mean the family she couldn't help but invite because they're family, but she also hooked up with the popular people and they all knew who she was. But to be popular you had to live popular meaning whatever was unpopular you had to let them know. So she was gossip central, putting down anyone who didn't meet her standards even though her standards were pretty low. Forget the fact that her husband used to hit her as well when he drank. I mean yeah, that made him bad ass. But when you got my dad hitting my mom, well, that just makes my mom bad ass. See the double standard? Protect the family; protect the clique, that's important.

And the worst of it is when she tries to suck our cocks and to pretend to be the sweet whore that she is. Because her clique is dying and she needs to keep it up. I'm the crazy one for talking about her. I'm the crazy one for saying she's a bitch when she really is. But that's okay, because the problem with bitches is that no matter how much they try to hide it, everyone will see the bitchiness within them. And I'm not talking about being a bitch one day as if being moody or angry. I'm talking about being a bitch everyday 24/7 and making a career out of it. That kind of shit is crazy, a disease, and a result of obvious low self-esteem. Now I have nothing against fat people but when they put someone down because of the way they look, well, then it's something. Because most fat or big people I know are really decent human beings. Every chance she gets, wherever there's an opening, she takes it and cuts a person down by a sword, making herself look like a champion, that people forget her shortcomings that she seems within herself.

I'm quite happy though because her career is coming to an end. Her husband (who turned out to be a really decent guy after he stopped drinking) has died (may he rest in peace). Her son's life may be falling apart. Other than the fact he chose my dad's side during my parents' divorce, I got nothing against him. I have no anger with him or his family. My beef is with the bitch aunt. And I'll watch while her ivory tower comes crumbling down. Dance on her grave? No, I probably wouldn't attend the funeral or I'd have to think about it. So much to think about. So much grief.

Most of my family is fucked up, but I have a few good family members and I have my friends and I have my writing, and yes, there's God too. I'm surprised at how big God is. I mean when you have God in your life, you don't have to worry about the Bitch because usually the Bitch doesn't have God in her life because if she did, she would have no need to be a bitch.

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