Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Police?

I just finished writing a novel. The novel is about this abuser that's abusing his wife. Anyway, the story is from his point of view, and he's trying to explain why he's innocent. It's a touchy subject. Also it's a personal one for me, so I really have to super edit the novel. I definitely want to get this one out there. I'm going to send it to MJ. She likes reading everything I write, so that's one reason to send it. The other is she can let me know how it is. A thumbs up or thumbs down kind of thing. It's always a thumbs up. Thumbs up means I got something; thumbs down means burn it.

I'm feeling better than the last entry. I feel like I haven't written in ages, but it's only been two weeks. I feel better, though naturally I have something on my mind. Lately I've been working out a bit, trying to myself into shape. Not to be some sort of athlete, but to be something presentable, something alive. I'm mostly dead right now. This working out thing is working out and I enjoy it. It's tough work though. Especially when I have to wage-slave in the mornings.

What good are the police? Why do they exist? The police provide order for our society, but when you want a police car, they're not there; and when you don't want the police, they're there. They patrol because it's cool and makes them look good, but they don't see anything. People are too smart for them. They patrol when they feel like it and when they get a lucky break, some kid who's jaywalked or something, they lean on that person like there's no tomorrow. They book the hell out of them, wave their gun at the kid, trying to impress nobody that's really there, because they really have nothing better to do. While they're booking the kid, some other person has made off with a kid, or killed someone or beaten a wife black and blue, and the police go to these calls and stand there as if dumbfounded, take information that maybe gets used. They have a job to do. Counseling is for counselors, not the police. I don't even think they're detectives. Not these street guys. All these street guys do is patrol the streets and try and make the police look good.

There was a report recently in the paper about some guy who got mugged. He's a crime writer for the paper. He gets mugged and sure, a police cruiser comes by once the guy calls them. The police luckily caught the guys. Where were the police when the crime writer was getting mugged? That's my question. They weren't there. They claim to patrol, but they don't. Who's fault is it really? Is it the smug police officer, wearing the fancy badge, and lamely walking the streets because he got a new outfit? Nowadays we have to do our own patrolling, our own defensive measures. It's illegal to carry a concealed weapon, but what do you do when someone draws a weapon on you? You can't defend yourself. Some can. Others can't.

The police are after the fact. They get there after. After the event has happened, not before and not during. A crime has just been committed, you have to call the police to make a report. This is to prevent the crime from ever happening again. That's nice. Someone else won't get hurt because the police have the information to nab the perp. But what are you going to about your scraped off face? The police just nod and tell you to get looked at a hospital. You made the report and it's just a matter of time that they'll catch the perp.

The police tire me. I don't think it's respect I have for them, but fear. I wonder if many of us are like that. An officer stops us and our first question is "Problem, Officer?" which translates to "Please don't arrest the fuck out of me, please!!" Behind their polite words, firm stance, is a gun ready to shoot you down. They don't need their gun to shoot you down, they just need their uniform and their arrogance and their bravado.

All they do is walk the streets. I could do the same thing too, except in my case, I would have a gun and I would use it. Too many scum getting away with shit and all the police can do is just nod and say "Better get to the hospital and have that checked out."

There are ways to defend yourself. Most of us don't know how to do that. And I'm not talking Martial Arts, I'm talking street smarts. Not walking into a dark alley, stuff like that. We're relegated to defending ourselves. Sure, they have defence classes. So then if we defend ourselves, what do we need the police for?

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