Saturday, April 24, 2010

Doctor Rant

So I was doing a little eavesdropping when I discovered something about pills. There are some that cause low sex drive. It also made me realize something else. Doctors don't care. They're interested in treating whatever is harming or hurting you, but they never give you the full story. I mean they'll say something like "it has a few side-effects," and you'll see the list of side-effects on that little paper you get from the pharmacy, but they don't stress the side-effects part. It's up to you to stress it.

Pills, pills, pills. Doctors and the pharamaceutical companies are working together. The doctors are helping to sell their products! If you have a cold, let me recommend Bartie's Cold! No, don't take Tylenol because Bartie is an up-and-comer and I want to help him out. You want to know the real treatment? Rest and fluids. Should I blame the doctors? I mean should I really blame them when our society is so damned lazy and looking for a quick fix? A society that is too lazy to cook dinner and just get their dinner from a fast food joint. Get the nice Family Meal from KFC because it's made for families. No cooking involved, no washing dishes because you're not using any. I mean what has our society come to! I mean yes, I eat KFC myself. But everyday? Who has KFC everyday? For lunch and for dinner! They don't serve breakfast, but if they did, you know where you'd be going. You don't take care of your body, so it's no wonder you're getting sick! Meanwhile these loonie doctors are picking up on that and trying to make a fortune out of it! They're selling you want you want. Pills. A quick-fix. Just give me something to get me through this day. What you need is to eat healthy, eat more fruits, shit like that.

The worst is when you see some five year old with a hamburger in one hand, a fry in their mouth, and with their other hand playing with the toy they got from McDonald's! They don't even want the meal. They want the toy and McDonald's knows that! Here, here's a toy made from people in another country who get crappy wages and not-so-good working conditions! Meanwhile, inject your body with grease! Lots of grease, lots of sugar!

I still have my beef with doctors. They don't tell you this stuff. I mean there's the usual exercise and stop smoking and stop drinking, but they don't say "cut down on the fast food and eat a fruit!" They're not interested in lifestyle changes because that would cut down on the kickbacks they get from selling pills! Pills is where the money is at! We want them, and they want to give them to us. Our society has bought into this whole magic pill crap. And Prozac isn't to blame. We are. We wanted it. Prozac is also not a magic pill! But when we get it, we feel better (or think we do) and think that's all we need. Who cares about group therapy or trying to solve problems? I like my Prozac, and I think I'll up the dosage because half a pill just isn't working for me!

I know I'm going to sound like a scientologist, but it's all in the mind! It's a really sad world we live in.

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