Monday, March 1, 2010


Why do you fear? Why do you let them control you? Because they do. They're bigger, they wear uniforms, they are the law. They're not the law, the law is in your mind, that is the law. The law is what you control, what you know. That is the law. I don't understand. If that's the law, then I can do anything I want. Precisely. You control what you do, they don't. You make the choices, they don't. You can choose to stand up or sit down. Then I choose to sit down, what's the point of getting up when they're there? They're not there, you only think they are. You decide if they're there or not. It's your mind that decides. So they're not there. They're not there and it's only you with a blank slate, with a blank piece of paper to tell the story of your life. What's that life going to be? What are you going to tell the world? When you're dead and gone, what's the legacy you're going to leave behind? What legacy? I have no legacy. But you do. Everyone has a legacy. You are your own legacy. What's the legacy you can leave behind? What words can you leave the world? What will they know you as? Who will you be when you are gone? That's your legacy. And people in uniform won't stop you from that legacy. Nobody can stop you from that legacy because they don't exist for you. And when they don't exist, they can't touch you.

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